Is Unicoin (UNICOIN) the Uniquest Cryptocurrency Around?

Minerva Singh
3 min readMay 10, 2022
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I will make no bones about it. I heard of the cryptocurrency UNICOIN when Steve Wozniak, one of Apple Inc’s cofounders mentioned it a couple of days back. Unicoin is the first equity-backed digital coin, making it unique among cryptocurrencies. This is what has gained Mr Wozniak’s admiration for this little-known crypto. Unicoin, he claims, truly brings the realm of startup financing to the masses. In comparison to other cryptocurrencies, he said Unicoin “isn’t only based on words and talks, but is instead actually based on the outcome of investments.” The cryptocurrency is backed by emerging growth companies (rather than startups) which have 3rd party endorsements and are on the cusp of IPOs. This excellent article by The Vanguard, “Examining The Ubiquitous Hype Surrounding Tech IPOs” explains the hype surrounding tech IPOs

On its website, Unicoin is described as the official coin for the “unicorn hunters”. Further, the website ( states the investment will be made with a “delayed release” condition, which means that the recipients will be unable to sell more than 5% of the investment each month. Apart from being equity-backed, the cryptocurrency is also dividend-paying and the dividends will be drawn from the profits accrued via the investments. Unicoin will fund high-growth startups through its Global Innovation Fund, which will include equity positions in the numerous emerging growth companies that apply to participate in the Unicorn Hunters show. Unicorn Hunters viewers have the option to invest with industry leaders and policymakers such as Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, and Rosie Rios, former US Treasurer.

In addition to funding and investing in high-value startups, Unicoin also seeks to address a major criticism around cryptocurrencies, namely, the energy footprint. Unicoin touts itself as “part of the answer” to reduce the energy consumption of the bitcoin industry. Unicoin is a cryptocurrency that focuses on blockchains that pledge to consume much less energy. However further details of the blockchain…

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